Meditations with clay

Intuitive Clay Modeling

Open clay modeling sessions for adults and teens
with the elements of art therapy

Working with clay is a great way to relax, relieve stress, connect with yourself and each other in a creative atmosphere.

Over 20 years of working with clay, I have developed a unique way of treating clay which helps liberate, connect and inspire much more than traditional ceramics classes.

I believe we all need this in our turbulent life.

This practice combines meditation and play. It helps you let go of control, free up creativity, encourage interaction, and give you a fresh perspective on a situation.

Clay is a heavy soft and pliable material. It allows you to literally materialize ideas, feelings and images. Having seen and touched the physical embodiment of their images, you can reach a new level of feeling and understanding.

I, Alexey Lelchuk, have been working with clay since 2002, I wrote a book about my method “Playing with Clay” for small children. Since 2012, I have been conducting workshops for teachers, psychologists and parents on "Playing with Clay", as well as for adults on intuitive sculpture and the disclosure of creative abilities.

I invite you to experience this comfortable, free and effective method of self-knowledge and work with yourself and in a team.
Imagine, that after a whole day of...
  • ... intense mental work
    you turn off your brains and just watch what your hands are doing, how trees grow, ships are pulled out and palaces are built without any of your thoughts… or…
  • ... intense leadership work
    you have material in your hands that fulfills your ideas with pleasure, follows your movements, takes any shape you want, looks forward to being dragged, rumpled, beaten and flattened ... or ...
  • … endless looking after children, activities, picking up toys
    you make a house and a bunny for yourself, play the three little pigs, scatter toys all over the table, and then break them!

We always start with a general tactile acquaintance with clay, with a quick sculpting of abstract compositions based on your visions and feelings, with attention to hand movements and their contact with clay.

Classes are suitable for adults with or without any level of training and teenagers from about 12 years old.

All materials and tools are provided on site. Firing of finished works is possible at some locations, but not required.

My work with clay is different from ceramics, the potter's wheel, or even sculpture. Your hands will move in an unusual way.

First, we do certain excersises to warm up and enter a state of free creativity. We crush, spit, pull the clay in order to switch our consciousness to work in large pieces and whole compositions. We catch the rhythms, movements and associations that arise in response to our movements.

Our imagination and hands can intuitively and independently form a visual and tactile image of almost any concept. You can sculpt not only a house, a dog and a kettle, but also anxiety, sleep, war and file indexing.

Of course, for this you need to first relax, change perspective and warm up. Then the initial image and impulse will come from your imagination. In the process of sculpting this image your hands will create additional small or large forms.

Types of classes

- first aquaintance with clay and its creative properties. I show you clay from an unusual view point.We will do a series of excercises called "The Creation of the World". We take big lumps of clay and explore various ways of manipulation with clay -- weighing it, throughing, slapping, smearing, pulling, poking, etc, to create arbitrary and geometric forms, the Earth, water, hills and valleys, and finally, plants and animals.

- creative composition. For several classes, we seek to express our feelings and ideas, and then create a finished sculpture for home of office

- meditation with clay. Series of excersises on a specific topic or without topic which help us let go control of mind and let our hands to freely handle clay and implement the images direct from usbconsious

- problem solving. After a warm-up we implement in clay our current problem, mood, situation. Then we change and elaborate on the composition in order to find the solution

- playing with. Open playing for fun, relax and change of perspective. We can take any subject - a well-known story, a situation from life of fantasy, creating complex buildings or fantastic worlds

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