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Intuitive Sculpture

Free hand sketch modelling from clay

Why is open clay modeling so good for people of a technical mindset and occupations?

- it combines the constructive, artistic and mental tasks,
- it is simple, natural and accessible to people without artistic education and/or abilities,
- it gives rich tactile and motor sensations in the fingers, hands and the whole body, which are so lacking when working on the keyboard.

Unlike drawing, we work with a three-dimensional object, we think over stability, depth, composition.

Unlike pottery, we create a variety of figurative and abstract compositions on any topic.

Unlike the academic course, we use the simplest techniques of working with hands and tools, which still give a stunning artistic effect.

Intuitive clay sculpture is exactly what an IT specialist needs to feel like a creator, relax and create something beautiful.

A new format for working with clay, in which intuitive modeling can be of interest to adults as a bodily and psychological practice.

The goal of intuitive clay modeling is to feel clay as a voluminous plastic material for visualizing images, movement, impact, turning them into a tangible form.

The warm-up consists of a series of exercises lasting about 20 minutes in which we train our hands to work freely and widely.

Then we sculpt something that is already related to the personal experiences of each participant.

I will offer new exercises for warming up and getting to know the possibilities of the material, as well as new forms of free modeling for the embodiment, disclosure and awareness of associations, internal images, unspoken feelings and ideas.

Indeed, these classes are similar to art therapy, partly they are art therapy. Although, you do not need to work with a specific psychotherapeutic request. Instead, you can reveal and realize your internal characteristics and problems as much as your are ready or willing to.

This work is similar to a real sculptural practice, i.e., the stage of creating an initial sketch of a sculpture based on your inner image.

Also, this practice is similar to the practice of authentic movement, in which people move based on their internal impulse. It is also close to contact improvisation, where movement is born spontaneously in contact with a partner. In our case, the clay is our partner.
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